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February 27
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Dragon Night Out by Lord-Kiyo Dragon Night Out by Lord-Kiyo
This is for :iconbond2602:

This is a pic of 4 Dragons having a good time in town.  They are trying out several kinds of tea that this restaurant offers.  So many flavors, could they try them all in one night?  or will they have to come back latter. This takes place in the modern era, and is the first I tried to draw up some of the architecture in it.  I tried to put in some of the cultural visuals in here.  Well I hope you all enjoy it.
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Bond2602 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014
hurray! The biggest commission ever ... so far :D Just look at those
friends, how happy they are. They must have a good time. I wonder if
there's an occasion, someones birthday, or some accomplishment, maybe
Trish won a price in dancing :D Or maybe they just like to hang out.
Apparently you like the pic yourself a bit, at least you incorporated the
idea in the story, that makes me kinda happy :D Even though Tito'ku isn't
the like in the pic. what do you think, any idea if he might actually
appear in the story? :D

It is really nice to see a bit of the modern area. Thats how cities
should look like. Not destroying the environment, but incorporating the
appartements, shops and restaurants into those existing hills. Even if
they made the hills artificially, it still looks like the landscape isn't
altered that much. And there is still a lot of green around, which is
nice. The cherrry blossom tree fits to the appearance of the city,
uttering the feeling of happiness and peace. Although i fear it won't
last all that long, since you are writing the story ^^; I wish i would
see those trees more often around here.
It surely is very helpful that they have those crystals for power.
Letting cars hover, accelerate, and giving homes power. Very convenient
with being designed like a huge battery and thus just having to be
changed like once in a year. Less cables around and the chance of outages
is really small.
Streets can be lawn and dont have to be ugly concrete and they can walk
on nice dirt side walks, making it feel like walking in the forest while
actually being in the city. Beautiful.
So many stars! Such a clear sky is nice to have, being able to see that
far into space. Looks like a nice clear night, perfect for sitting
outside. I wonder if they got there by car or if Armen'ku convinced them
to have a little running conntest again :D I wouldnt be surprised if all
four of them are actually pretty good runners.
Seems like there is another restaurant across the street, since it has
the same type of balcony as the friends are at.

I simply love your lighting and shading style. Especially pictures
situated at night get very intense and colorful and the contrast always
looks just great. All the shadows being casted from the shops,
restaurants, and appartements. The car with its headlights, the lanterns.
Such a variety of light, just beautifully placed. The lighting and
shading on the characters is just awesome and fits perfectly in the
picture. Exactly how i wanted it. Just look how it playes with the
charaters. Trish looks so beautiful with her glowing dancing outfit, im
sure if Armen'ku would see her dance, he would lose it. But who wouldnt?
She is just so extremely beautiful and sexy, no matter what she is
wearing. Armen'ku is just so cool looking with his shirt and shorts, very
modern. It fits him really well, although its a bit of a shame that he
covery so much of his awesome body. Must be just protection, since Kaas
would just pass out on the sidewalk when they see him otherwise :D. I
much like the outfit of Tito'ku. A black and white camo shirt is a really
good choice for him, dont you think? The t-shirt design reminded me of
Omal'ku's shirt. The shorts are very neat, i think that two color design
looks really cool. Rex always looks so sporty. Figures. He surely can be
proud of how he looks like and im sure he is aware of it and shows it
through his muscle shirt :D Camo pants added just for extra coolness. I
know it works with him. The Kaas just admire him and he just cant say no.
You are very good with drawing clothes, so much details on them can be
seen. It all looks so real. The lanterns have such a mesmerizing blue
glow, almost as mesmerizing as that deep and rich blue of Armen'ku.

I'm not sure if all of them went for the tea tour, but i guess Tito'ku
got the strawberry tea for Armen'ku on purpose :D A little hint for him.
Rex and Tito'ku probably made up a little plan to tease Armen'ku a bit.
They just want him to engage on trish so badly. Its so apparent that they
are the perfect couple. If Armen'ku wont get the hint with the strawberry
tea, Trish will figure it out when Rex gets the next round of tea, and
then he will get Trish some blueberry tea. Eventually they will all laugh
about it. What great friends they are.

Thank you very much for this picture. I love it utterly. So much
happiness, such awesome characters, great lighting and shading, and a
beautiful view of the modern era make this picture a very, very unique
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014
Yay, best comment for this pic ever!! :D

I do love this pic myself.  It has so much in it and it means a lot.  How could I not use it in the story when it was so prime to do so.  Hope you did not mind.  Occasion?  Well I would say most likely to just hang out and have fun, but you did commission it, so its your say.  Well I am not sure about adding Tito`ku into the story.  Maybe, but I don’t know at this point.  He is a good design though.

I’m glad you love there kind of architecture so much.  I did want to incorporate that they try to keep things as natural as possible, and it all adds to there unique culture.  I just had to add in a cherry blossom tree.  Always thought they looked rather enchanting, so why not use them.  So they should be a fairly big part in landscaping.  And to make there world more different from there’s, I took a bit of time to think of how there power system works and this seemed to be the most logical.  Well Armen`ku and Rex are runners since they are both in sports.  Trish can run, but just not as competitively as the two Kuus.  And yep, that be another restaurant over there.  Many of them try to have an outdoor patio since many Dragons like to enjoy the outdoors.

Well doing at night makes it easy to make it look so graphical.  It’s a lot of fun to do the night ones with lights.  I’m glad that you like them so much.  It brought a lot of joy into making this piece.  It certainly is one of my favorite, if not the most favorite commission. The lanterns were a near after thought.  I was thinking there was a lack of cultural looks and what could I do to put more zing into it.  Well I was looking at some other pics and I saw that Orientals have lanterns and it looks so cultural.  So I tried it out.  And it just adds to more light sources too :D

I do try to do good on clothes at times.  Though at first it can be hard to think of good designs.  Well Armen`ku is accustomed to wearing clothes at this point, but Yeah, he may be attracting some Kaas if he went around everywhere topless.  Just look at his skin tone :D  Well the star on tee shirts is kind of a recurring thing.  I was thinking it was like one of the fads that the kids like going after.  So many shirts may have star designs on them.  The muscle shirt just matches Rex so well.  Can hardly think of him wearing anything else.  But I am sure he gets something with sleeves when the weather turns cold.  I am trying to make sure that I give the idea that they do in fact change there clothes just like real people.

Oh you just love that strawberry and blueberry idea about them.  It does sound about perfect does it.  I almost feel like I would have to incorporate it in some way.  But only if story permits.  Does sound funny though.  And Rex would do something like that.  But I suppose you know now, since you read so much about Rex now.

Your very welcome and I enjoyed working on it very much.  I hope others will be just as good.
Bond2602 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
yay he likes the pic himself :D i just love having some little sidestories in the commissions. and if my random ideas are worth for for you to incorporate into the book, it makes me even more happy :D it would be exciting if Tito'ku appeared in the story, maybe there is some occasion where you need a new character. more characters are always good for the story, i think :D

i wonder if the Kuus and Kaas love that tree as much :D i mean they used to live and love nature since they lived in tribes and derived from there, so i guess that didnt change at all. i guess that why they want to keep their cities even as natural as possible. So if s**t hits the fan, Armen'ku COULD run away from Trish if she would want to jump him :D well too bad. would be better if he couldnt :D :D ;). so thats another restaurant. well thats the only thing that i dont like about the pic, theres no other Kuu or Kaa in the background. it would make it a lot more lively of course, but i know how much work characterdesign is and that i would have to pay for additional characters then.

oh well what have i done, he likes a pic!! :D yay! im glad you like it yourself. i always just try to only comission things the artists likes himself, because when they dont, the have no motivation to make it good or it takes forever ^^;. Night thmemes and darker pics also fit my background better since it would be too bright when sitting in the dark here, but i most love the contrast and the lighting and shading it causes when its darm in the pic and there are many lightsources. yes the lanterns are vers good for that. they look nice and add the perfect amount of light :D

i really like how you draw cloths and especially on the dragons :D Armen'ku wears some cool stuff. But he can wear anything since he is so awesome ^^; Dont tell me Kaas just like him more because he's blue :(. Better going after a star on a tshirt than some kinda useless thing like drugs like humans do. well of course they change their cloths :D many just have their style and keep on wearing similar things. Rex just also could wear some kind of hoodie over his muscle shirt when it gets cold :D

yes incorporate it, i think that its so cute :D

sure others will be just as good if not better, since you draw them :D
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
That is true, more characters are good, as long as they are well developed.  I will have to think about it who knows.  Maybe he can be the Shaggy of the story.  Just need an over sized pet to call scooby :D

If you are saying when she get's frisky, well she don't do that.  She not a horn ball you know.  And yes, would have been nice to see a few people walking around and stuff, even if it was just in shadows.  but yeah, so much work went into it as it is. :D  but good things take alot of work.

Well that's good that the lighting works so well for your dark room.  I have a feeling you want to keep going with the night time stuff.

No, they don't like him just because he is blue.  Although like I said, skin conditions are considered attractive, and Armen`ku is a rare color.  I have thought about hoodies for Dragons, but I have been wondering how that would work considering there horns.  Would it just go over there horns?  or would the have holes for them?  I think it would look silly going over them, and having holes would be anti productive.

We will have to see
Bond2602 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
moooore characteeeeers :D Oh no, shaggy was a drug addict dont want a dragon to act like that :(

Aww. But the has a right to be! especially for cute and sexy Armen'ku. :D Yeah i know i have to drown you in a bag of money to get a pic full of dragons ^^;

as i said when its night time in the pics the contrast gets higher and the colors pop out more in my opinion. also i love your shading, so when its dark and there are just a few light sources, the shading gets even more present :D

Blue is just so mesmerizing. And theres a rumor then when you lick him, you taste blueberry LOL :D

It wouldnt be anti productive if they had holes. Horns wont transfer that much head compared to skin so they wont get cold even when there are holes for the horns. Well there could be some kind of extentions sewed onto it where the horns go in, but i guess holes for the horns are the better solution. looks awesome in my head when i imagine it :D
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
Well I will just have to think about that hoodie for a bit and figuer it out.  but perhaps there are more than just one design.  Darik actualy has a hoodie, So I know I have to do something.
Bond2602 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
I think it looks very cool on him. Sounds like you feel forced to do that just because he has a hoodie. Be happy that the dragons are so cool and trendy :D
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
trendy Dragons :D
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DragonQuestHero Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
VERY, VERY good man.
I always LOVE the detail you not only put into your characters...but just the backgrounds showing off their world. :nod: You really need to do something in the creative fields.
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
Yay! you commented! :D  Thanks.  It was fun trying to show off the world they live in.  and I am glad you enjoy it :D
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