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The sun had not even risen when Kyle got up and stretched out.  He quickly got dressed and even put his throwing knife in one of his pockets. Since he was going to the city, he did not want to just clip it on his belt like he normally does.  Now all dressed he run downstairs, entering the kitchen. He saw a list of parts and some Lucre on the table.  Kyle picked it up and shoved it in one of his other pockets.  With haste he went out to do his morning chores, which consisted of getting the livestock food and fresh water.  When he finished that, he ran back into the house to grab some bread for a quick breakfast. While he was munching on the bread he ran out to the stables.  

While a Kerrick was still eating, Kyle started to get a saddle strapped up on its back.  A Kerrick was one of the smaller beasts of burden that walked on two strong legs.  They were not much use for pulling the heavy farming machinery, but they were good for transportation.  Once everything was all set, Kyle led the Kerrick out of the stables before mounting it.  He placed a gentle grip on the horns for stirring and off they went.

By this time the sun was already rising and it was going to take within an hour to just get to the outer wall, also known as the sky road. Kyle’s Kerrick trotted gracefully along the dirt road at a fair speed.  There was no teleporter pads out in the country like in the city. Which would make this journey much quicker.  However even if there was, Kyle could not afford to blow money on the fare anyway.

Within an hour he made it to the wall.  It was constructed from a thick base of flo-wood and stone atop. The gate had Safety Troopers patrolling it.  Like all troopers they had heaver armor plates on their left side, allowing them to quickly deploy a wall of defense.  Kyle was never sure if he felt safe with them around or not.  In one hand they are charged to keep everyone safe from those that break the law and dare hurt others.  But on the other hand, they arrest or kill those that used their power.  Power use is extremely illegal.  If they ever found out that Kyle discovered his power.  

“Halt!” exclaimed one of the troopers as he came out from the guard house.  Another one came out right next to him.  Most likely so they could deploy that shield wall in an instant if they had to. “Let’s see your ID!”

Kyle brought his Kerrick to a stop by gently pulling its horns back.  He then reached into one of his pockets and took out his ID and held it up for the trooper to see.

The Safety Trooper fiddled with his goggles, scanning the ID. “You’re clear to enter citizen.”  He then backed away to allow Kyle to enter the Norvondire District.

With a nod, Kyle put his ID away and proceeded to ride into the city.  This place was full of people and historical architecture.  Most buildings were made of cobblestone and resembled castles with battlements, crenellations, and some buildings even had moats.  The people are very proud of their history and culture here.  Kyle did not pay much mind to the wonders of this place.  He was more concerned about where he was going.

It has been a while since he has been to the parts shop.  He slowed to a stop and jumped off his Kerrick, this would allow the beast to get a little rest while he was trying to get his bearings.  Kyle started to look around the streets full of people, trying to see if he recognized where he was exactly.  This street does look familiar, but he was not sure what street he needed to go down next.  This place was rather too much on him.  Way too many people making so much noise and so many buildings to get lost with.  It made him feel rather uneasy.  But what he felt did not matter.  He had a job to do.

“Dude!!!” blurted a random person as he got up close, pointing to Kyle’s upper arm.  “Sweet tattoos!  Where ja get those!?”

“They’re not tattoos…” responded Kyle with a smooth glare to the stranger. “They are my natural fur pattern.”  

“Really?  But they soooo look like tattoos!”

“Excuse me,” said Kyle as he mounted back on his Kerrick, “I have business I must get back to.”  He then continued onward down one of the cobble roadways, leaving the stranger behind.  

As he waded through the crowds atop his beast, things were looking familiar.  The memory was much clearer now, Kyle knew exactly where he was.  He just needed to get around all these people.  And among them  where two teen girls wearing dark revealing clothes. They both giggled up at Kyle as they were passing by, “We really like your tattoos.  Have more hiding underneath?”  They continued to giggle.

“There not…”  Kyle cut short as he only slowed his Kerrick a little as he looked back towards them. “Never mind.” He muttered.  He then continued his way.  Comments like those where something he got constantly.  And only the markings on his upper arms are slightly visible. His clothes are hiding the rest.  It would not annoy him so much if they actually where tattoos.  Or perhaps it’s the fact he hears people say it so often.  But no matter, he is almost to his destination.

“Hey Kyle is that you!?” exclaimed a voice.  A teen blue avian wearing loose clothes came running up to him, “Yo Kyle!  I did not think I see you around here today.  Whacha doin?”

“Oh, hey Gill!” responded Kyle as he brought his Kerrick to a stop and jumped off. “I’m just about to go to the shop and get some new parts for one of the harvesters.”

“What happened?  Did it break down?”

“Yeah…  something exploded while I was operating it.  I must have shifted a wrong gear or something.  But anyway, I’m getting the replacement parts so dad can fix it.  Then I can continue harvesting the fields.”

“Man! You got amazing ambitions,” muttered Gill sarcastically. “Do you really want to end up a farmer all your life?  Don’t you have any dreams to live up to?”

“Dad says it’s best to stick with a carrier that will always be there no matter what.  I suppose I would like to do something else with my life.  But I have no idea what that would be.”

“Farming aint no dream!  You gota do something cool!  I want to be a rock star!  One day I could get famous, make a lot of money, get a lot of chicks!  And maybe even meet Tinsel, and get in movies and stuff.  Now that’s the kind of thing I’m talking about!  You got anything like that?”

“Like I said… I have no idea what I would want to do.  Though it would be nice to do something other than farming.”

“What about join the Safety Troopers or something like that.  You’re always defending classmates against bullies.  It’s real cool; you just block all their punches until they back down!”

“Yeah then I get in trouble for my efforts,” protested Kyle, “I’m not the one fighting, but apparently blocking peacefully is violence, according to the teachers.  I swear I got in more trouble defending someone peacefully, than some bully trying to beat up other kids.”

“Speaking of which… I have not seen you getting in as much trouble for that as you used to, what’s up with that?  The teachers give up?”

“Well they decided to call my parents.  And after they saw the security footage of me defining other students from bullies.  And doing it only by the method of blocking and dodging.  My parents were more upset with the teachers.  And filed some kind of report of school incompetence.  I’m not sure what all the details are, but my mom has some kind of strings she pulled.  Essentially it gave the school a reputation of discouraging safety, and willfully putting students in danger.”

“Cool… whatever I guess.”

“Anyway, Gill.  I need to get going.”  Kyle then started to lead his Kerrick since he did not have that much further to go, “I don’t want to disappoint my father.  See you later.”  They both waved bye at each other as Kyle led his Kerrick to one of the plazas just a few feet away.

It was a large open area with multiple streets leading to it and surrounded by shops.  All around the plaza were peddlers with kiosks selling stuff.  And in the center of the plaza was a large fountain, with two bigger than life statues of RyuuNekos.  They were intertwined with each other, and water flowed from their mouths.  It’s one of the things that Kyle likes about this area.  However it only makes him wish his mom let him have a RyuuNeko.

Kyle continued around the fountain and that was when he noticed a little boy playing a pan flute.  He had the looks of a panda, but he was very thin and had a lemur like tale.  People gathered around and put lots of Lucre in the large bowl that sat in front of this kid.  His music sounded sad and captivated people to give him a little something.

The store was just right across from the fountain.  However Kyle seemed to be drawn to approach this kid playing the pan flute.  It was strange but he felt such strong woes and sympathy for this little guy.  The music gave Kyle such strong emotional responses; he could not help but want to do anything to help the kid out.  He had a strong feeling that it was his duty to do so. Reaching into his pocket, Kyle pulled out all of his Lucre and put it in the pot.  Now feeling hopeful for the kid’s welfare, Kyle continued on with his journey to the parts shop.  At this point he was feeling like he did a very good thing and is completely content.  

Kyle entered the parts shop and the shopkeeper; who had an appearance of a red shark, turned around and saw him, “Hey!! I have not seen you around in a while.  You grown a bit since the last time I saw ya.  What brings you here?”

As he took out the list of parts from his pocket, Kyle answered, “My father sent me to get these parts for the harvester.”

The shopkeeper took the list and read it.  “MMmhmmm…  Yes I got this stuff.”  He then tapped on one item on the list, “This one in particular is a rather expensive sucker.  You brought enough money for all this?”

“I hope so,” answered Kyle as he reached into his pockets, but found nothing.  He then started to pat around the rest of his pockets. “I mean…  I…  Oh no…  Wait!”  It was in that moment he realized what he had done back near the fountain, and could not believe that he just did that.  How could he been so carless? “Could you wait a moment?  I will be right back.”

Kyle ran out of the store, still finding it hard to believe that he did such a thing.  Where was his mind?  His father would kill him if he found out about this.  He looked over to the kid who was still sitting at the fountain.  But right then he noticed something.  There was a faint halo hovering above the kid’s head.  Why did he not notice it before, he did not know.  But no one else seemed to notice ether.  This was in the city and no one was screaming about power infraction.  And troopers where not flocking in with guns a blazing.  What was going on here?

No matter, Kyle must confront this kid as discreetly as possible, and try to get his money back.  He walked over there and soon felt the same feelings as he did before.  It was manipulating him to want to give more to this kid.  However Kyle knew it was just the power that the kid was using.  He had to resist it and remain focused.  “Hello…” started Kyle as he was trying to maintain his goal. “I’m sorry, but I have made a mistake and I need my Lucre back.”

The kid stopped playing and his halo had disappeared.  All the emotional pull that Kyle was experiencing was lifted.  The little panda kid just looked up at Kyle with worried looking eyes.  He did not say a word, but only stared.

“Look… I don’t want to cause a disturbance.  But I really need that money back.  It’s all I have and I need to buy parts so my family can continue to work.  My father would b…” before he could even finish his sentence the little boy popped up as he grabbed the bowl of Lucre and he started to run off.  “Hey Wait!!  I’m not going to hurt you!!”

Kyle jumped on the back of his Kerrick and pursued the kid.  The little panda ran into an ally, However Kyle was able head him off.  He jumped off his Kerrick, “Please don’t run.  I only need back what I put in.   I’m not going to hurt you.”

Then there was loud click from a door.  Kyle turned around and saw a rather muscular man in the appearance of a panther. “You having a problem with my associate?”

“He belongs to you?” asked Kyle as he looked this guy over. “I don’t want to get him in trouble.  But he was using some kind of power to manipulate me to put all my money into his bowl.  And I really need that money back.  It’s for the parts I need to fix a harvester, so we can keep working.”

“A power you say?” asked the panther while his buff arms were folded.  Without any kind of warning the guy threw a heavy punch at Kyle.  Thanks to Kyle’s refined reflexes he was able to doge to the left.  He was completely surprised, though his face did not look it.  The Panther continued to throw an onslaught of blows.  Each one missing due to a dodge, or by Kyle simply redirecting an attack with his own arm. “EARR!  Stand still!!”

“What the heck are you doing!?” exclaimed Kyle in that calm voice.  The panther took as a taunt as this kid was mocking his fighting stance.  The panther continued to throw heavy blows that would soon tire him out.  “Look!  I only want my money back, that’s all!”  In that moment Kyle felt someone else come up behind him.  By the time he turned, a bat smacked him upside his head.  Sending him down to the ground unconscious.

more to come

Here's the next chapter of Kyle's little adventure of getting the harvester fixed. And now we meet this little guy

Dreamkeepers are copyright to :icondreamkeepers:
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Alex-the-Teknian Featured By Owner May 3, 2017
Nice another cool chapter of your story with Kyle- also very cool you adding your other Dreamkeeper character. also nice cliffhanger surely makes me interested whats gonna happen next. I liked the part how the panda kid is using his power to get Lucres from people and Kyle hillariously fell in his trap. Keep the great work.
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner May 4, 2017
Yep, Kyle falls for traps. :D
davidshadow275 Featured By Owner May 3, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
so in the end, he meets the Kneon Nives, and that Panther is?
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner May 3, 2017
Would not say Kneon Nives. Or perhaps too early to say.  Panther we may find out later.
davidshadow275 Featured By Owner May 3, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I say that cause the Bat attacks.
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