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“The hell d`ya bring him here for!!?” shouted a gruff unknown voice. “He’ll go to the authorities and ruin our whole outfit if we cut him loose!”

“But boss!” started the voice of the panther, “He knew the kid was using his power.  What was I supposed to do?  He already knew too much….  You… want me to end him?”

There was some silence before the first voice gave his answer. “Nah… let’s see if he’s a valuable resource first.  He’s a young and rather good looking boy.  If anything we can make him a sex slave.  But first… let’s see if he knows his power.  Do what you do best.  Flu… looks like he’s waking up.”

With a splitting headache Kyle started to stir.  He started to move and in that instant his ears twitched at the sound of chains clanking and his limbs feeling restrained.  Opening his eyes he found himself chained up on a wall, only in his boxers.  The room was completely made of stone with tables of all sorts of blunt and sharp objects.  There were two men here. One was a black reptile with a massive jaw, the other was that panther guy.  Kyle’s heart was racing, not knowing where he was, hardly believing this was happening.  But he quickly caught himself and kept his composure.  Stay calm.  Panicking won’t help anything.

The boss nodded to the panther and exited the room.  The panther looked back at Kyle, seeing that calm or indifferent face of his. “Well you’re a confident little shit.  Most would be freaking out, wondering where they are and asking all kinds of stupid questions.”

“I just figured if you’re willing to tell me that stuff, you do it on your own.” Responded Kyle in a steady voice, “I’m sure at this point you wouldn’t be telling me where I am anyway.”

The panther jumped in and pressed his fist on Kyle’s chest. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, kid.  But you got nothing on you.  Not even that knife that was in your pocket.  Now…  They call me Mangle.  And for the next few hours or so, I may be demonstrating why they call me that.  You just have to answer a few simple questions.  Do you know your power!!?”

Kyle’s ear twitched as his heart skipped a beat, even though this Mangle guy would not be able to tell.  Kyle could only wonder how this guy knows, and what was going to happen now.  But wait.  He asked if he knew them.  So this guy doesn’t know anything.  Best to play this out as if anyone asked that question.  “No.” he responded in a calm irrefutable voice, “Power use is highly dangerous and illegal.  Why would I know it?”

“Ugh…  That’s too bad,” started Mangle as he took a few steps back and turned around. “Looks like I’m just gona have to unlock it for ya.”  In a flash he swung a punch into Kyle’s abdomen, causing him to lurch forward with a sudden gasp.  “You think your some kind of hotshot?  Think you look like a badass with all those tattoos and try and look all cool.  Such a pathetic little shit!  I’m going to beat you down till you pop.  And if that don’t work, I’ll just slip your throat.”

“There not…” Kyle coughed, trying regain his breath, “There not tattoos.”

Then Mangle bitch slapped Kyle upside the face, causing his ears to ring. “I don’t give a fuck what they are!!”  Then he slammed his palm into Kyle’s neck and began to squeeze.  “You’re going to die you little shit!  There is only one way you can save yourself!  Use your damn power!”

No matter how hard he could try, he could not gasp for air.  He could only make a few undignified squeaks and gargles as he twitched around in an instinctive futile attempt to break free.  The need to use his power could indeed be prevalent.  However he could not use it while Mangle was so close to him.  And if he used the snipe, no telling how far it would go and how many people it would hurt.  There was not much he could do at this point.  And now his vision has become blurry.

Mangle released Kyle before he passed out and allowed him to gasp for fresh air and coughed a few times. “You think I’m playing around!?” growled Mangle as he punched Kyle in the abdomen again, disallowing him to fully recover his breath.  It hurt much more this time.  Kyle was unable to breathe or yell.  All he could do is make a few very short gasping sounds.

As Mangle walked over to the table across the room, he started to speak in a frustrated tone, “You know… I’m just going to skip to the good stuff.  I’m going to smash you up!  I’m going to bust you bloody till you use your power, or till you stop breathing all together.”  He then picked up a bat that had bent nails protruding all around it.  It was stained from previous uses.  Kyle could see that the situation was getting serious. “You get it yet little shit!?  I’m going to fucking kill you!!  If you want to live, you better use your fucking power!!”

Before he started his approach, Kyle spoke in his calm voice, and his head down.  “You really want me to use my power on you?”

“Yeah!!” shouted Mangle as he rose up the bat full of sharp nails.  “Use it!!  I want you to fucking use it on me!!”

“I already have.”

“What?” muttered Mangle.  Those calm words stun and confused him.  But the way that Kyle just looked at him with his head down unnerved him.  He had no idea what Kyle meant by that.  As far as he could tell, nothing had happened.  “Don’t mess with me you little shit, I’ll bust you up!!”  Mangle started to move.  But in that instant Mangle’s arm fell off with a clean cut.  When it hit the floor, it and the bat broke apart in several clean cut pieces.

Mangles eyes widened in shock as he looked at his severed nub that started squirting blood.  His heart skipped several beats till it started to flutter irregularly.  Shouting could be heard from the other room from those who were spectating.  Just a few more seconds, red lines of blood started to stream all around Mangle as he completely fell apart in untold amount of pieces.  Blood started to drain out from every small bit, flooding a portion of the floor in red.

Kyle slumped against the chains as his energy was nearly completely drained.  He was having trouble getting the air he needed to recover, but he will just have to make due.  There were more people in the other room.  He can’t show any weakness.  Although he could only wonder what will happen now.  He does not have the strength to do another attack.  His only hope is that this display scared the others enough to leave him alone for a bit.  But then again, all they had to do was bring in a springer rifle to kill him.

It felt like forever as the voices behind the wall continued shouting.  Kyle could not make out anything they were saying.  But without a doubt they were trying to figure out what to do with him.  Still breathing heard and doing all he could to stay awake; Kyle looked over on the desk full of tools.  There was plenty of objects small enough for him to influence.  However he did not have any dexterity to free himself.  The snip for sure could destroy the chains that bind him.  However he never sent an object to himself in this method.  It’s too risky.  And he did not have the energy to do it anyway.  

Then that Black reptilious guy accompanied by a spotted cat with a feathery tail came in. “Don’t bother trying to use your power on us,” said the black reptile with a confident gruff voice. “We turned on a power inhibitor.  Your power won’t work now.”  He then looked over to the remains of Mangle. “Amazing power you have.  Not even Mangle’s shield power was a match for it. Or perhaps he did not have a chance to turn it on.”  He then looked back to Kyle, “We were trying to figure out exactly what kind of power you used.  Some sort of level 6 Cutting, or telekinesis? Is it Kinetic?  What classification are you?  What’s your area of effect?”

“I have no clue what any of those classifications are,” answered Kyle. He then looked down to the mess that was once Mangle.  Then he looked back at this reptile, “Even if I did know, I would not tell you…  Surprising… You don’t seem all that concerned for you’re chopped up minion.”

“He served his purpose.  But you…  Your purpose is just beginning.  You can call me Jaw Face, or Boss if you like.  I can really use a power like yours.  How about you work for me?  The pay is much better than any job you would find.”

“Really?” asked Kyle in a sarcastic tone.  He was still breathing hard, but trying to hide it the best he could.  “After all this stuff you just pulled, you think I would want to work for you?  I could only assume you want to use me to kill other people.  And I will not do that.”

“Ha.  I figured you say that.”  He then snapped his fingers and took a few steps back.  This action prompted the spotted cat to move forward.

“We have ways of finding everything about you,” started the spotted cat. “We can easily find everyone you care about. If you don’t cooperate, we will torture them, kill them.  Anything and everything that’s necessary to change your mind. Also… don’t think for a moment that your power is the only thing we can find useful.  We can make you a sex slave.  And yes, there is a demand for bound male sex slaves.  And you would remain as such till you come to an undesirable age. And at that point we would dispose of you like any expired product.  There is no way around it.  You’re our property now.  It’s only up to you how easy you make it on yourself.  So what do you say now?  Want to make it easy or hard?”

Kyle did not say anything.  He just continued to glare at him with indifference.  The spotted cat did not seem to care what Kyle would choose.  Ether way, he was going to get what he wants.  Eventually the cat responded.  “Fine.  We’ll just store you for a while till we get all the info we need.”  He then snapped his fingers towards the door, “Crunch!  Take our little guest to the room.”

A rabbit like dreamkeeper with bat wings on his back came in and started to unbind one of the chains on Kyle.  Of course Kyle naturally attempted to resist and pull himself free.  However Crunch was much stronger than he looked, or perhaps Kyle was still too weak from the power use.  Ether way Crunch had a good grip on Kyle’s wrist.  He was able to transfer Kyle from the chains to the hand cuffs without much trouble.  All struggles were useless.

Once Kyle was off the wall and now shackled, Crunch started to escort Kyle out of the room by pulling him by the handcuffs.  By this point Kyle found that resistance will only accomplish making himself look stupid.  He complied and went down the dark stone arched hallway.  Just a few doors down, Crunch opened a door and pushed Kyle in.

This room was a fairly large and dimly lit.  A table with some chairs was to the right, along with a few mattresses on the floor.  Several book shelves hugged the cobble stone walls. And  a rugged rug span across the cold stone floor.  At the corner near a cold fireplace was that panda kid.  The one that started all of this.  Both Kyle and the kid locked eyes. The little panda’s ears lowered down as he had a sorrowful expression.  At first Kyle thought he should have resentment against this kid for getting him here.  But the kid’s sad expression made him rethink that notion.

Kyle approached and knelt down, “So who are you?”

The kid said nothing, but was making some hand gestures.  He was patting his neck and then opened his mouth pointing down his throat.  He continued this until Kyle spoke again.

“What’s the matter?  Are you hungry?  Not allowed to talk? I’m not sure what you’re trying to tell me.”  The kid shook his head and kept pointing down his mouth and trying other gestures.  Kyle looked back at the shelf and went over there to grab a random book.  He then knelt down to the fireplace and picked up a chard piece of wood.  As he handed the two items to the kid panda he asked, “Can you write?”

The kid then nodded and flipped to the back of the book where there were some blank pages.  He then started to use the chard stick to write.  It could not be helped that the letters were big and bold.  But the important thing was that they could be read.  The kid handed the book to Kyle and it said, “I’m Timmy, I am mute.”

“Really?” responded Kyle not expecting this.  But now all the hand gestures made sense.  Now the next question came to mind. “Are you being held against your will?”

Timmy nodded and then started to write again.  Once he finished he showed Kyle and it said, “They have my parents. Said they kill if not do what they say.”  He withdrawn the book and started to write again but this time a tear ran down his face as his eyes started to shimmer.  He was crying yet was silent.  He then showed Kyle the book again, “I’m so sorry.”

Kyle looked at Timmy, not sure what to say.  Just moments ago he would naturally blame this kid for what happened.  But then again it did not seem that Timmy meant for this to happen.  Kyle patted the kid on the head, “You could have not prevented it.  I suppose they use you for your powers?  You somehow influence people or something?”

The kid just nodded to answer the question.  Then he pointed at Kyle and did a circular motion above his head.

“What, my power?” asked Kyle.  Timmy then nodded, wanting to know the answer. Kyle then sighed, “Yeah, they found out I have one.  And they want to use it too.  They probably think they just unlocked it.  But I knew it long before.  For several years now.”

Timmy did other hand gestures to convey some sort of question.  He must have figured the question was so obvious that it did not need to be written down.

“What?” asked Kyle, “You want to know what it is, or how I found it?”  The panda kid then nodded, wiping a tear from his eye.  “Well…  I try not to think too much on how I found my power.  I suppose I could tell you.  Not like we have anything better to do while we are stuck in here.”

more to come
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Would seem Kyle is getting comfortable in a new place.

Dreamkeepers are copyright to :icondreamkeepers:
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ArkRift Featured By Owner May 22, 2017
Huh its the fact that no fucks were given in this chapterwhen that guy got chopped into pieces.(eh I'm sure he's fine all you need is a pot of glue.)
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner May 23, 2017
Lots of glue and prop him up.
Alex-the-Teknian Featured By Owner May 19, 2017
This is quite the chapter. didnt expect Kyle would be imprisioned like that. quite surprising that Kyle killed that Mangle guy but he was indeed in a survive or die situation. also nice he got to meet Timmy now fully. Keep the great work.
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner May 21, 2017
Thanks.  We will have to wait and see what will happen next.
davidshadow275 Featured By Owner May 19, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Nice chapter, I really hate this kind of Dreakeepers for being evil like that.
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner May 19, 2017
They not evil, they just running a business.
davidshadow275 Featured By Owner May 19, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
For me is tecnically evil, people like this, that use your parents as hostage to do every kind of dirt-work for them, I hope all of them die inmediatly. (I not saying your chapter is bad or not, but what I say is completly true, so don't take it personal if a way offends you or anyone else.)
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner May 19, 2017
But I threaten to kill people's parents if they don't work at the office all the time.  Your words offend me.


They are bad guys, and not even likable badguys.  But is Timmy a likable bad guy?
davidshadow275 Featured By Owner May 19, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
no, he is forced to do that I understand it, but why have to be people like that overtime, I know that in this case is for a purpose but, this is...., you know forget it, just continue the story, I like the drama of Kyle, I have a doubt, he will maybe in your story, be out of them for sure?
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