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Dimonze: Chapter 4 What am I

At Sonic's house, Tails yelled out, "Hey Sonic!!  Would you like to go swimming at the lake with me!?"

Sonic stared at Tails for a moment and replied, "Sure, I would love to go swimming!  It's hard for me to find people to go swimming with me, because I am so fast!  Let me get my surf board.  This time I am making sure I teach you how to go surfing!"    

Tails smiled and ran out the door.  Sonic quickly went into his closet as he yelled, "Hey!  Don't leave me like that!"  As soon as he grabbed his surf board, he dashed out the door to go after Tails.

When Sonic got to the lake Tails was already in the water, spinning his tails like a propeller; which gave him the ability to jet across the water.  When he saw Sonic, he called out to him, "Come on Sonic! The water is great!"  

Sonic put down his surf board in the sand, "I suppose I can show you how to surf a little latter… Okay! Ready or not here I come!"  Sonic ran up to the water and jumped high into the air.  He soon splashed into the water and started to run on top of the water.  

Sonic soon started to run around Tails in a big circle saying, "I am so fast!! I can just run on the water!  Fastest thing alive!!"  

Tails whacked Sonic with his tails and said, "I don't think that is considered swimming Sonic!"  

Sonic lost his balance and fell into the water.  When he resurfaced he said with a big grin, "Either way, I am in the water."

Tails made a fist just above the waters surface. Then squeezed his fist and squirted water in Sonic's face.  Tails quickly jetted off to another direction.  

Sonic dived under the water, and started to swim right under Tails.  Once he caught up with Tails, he quickly swam back up and flipped Tails over into the water. They both started laughing with each other.

"Wow this is so much fun Sonic!!" exclaimed Tails.

Then Sonic said, "Just wait till I get you on the surf board!!"

Sonic started to swim back to the beach to get the surf board.  All of a sudden he stopped and looked down at the water.  Sonic noticed something was happening to the water.  He looked back at Tails and asked, "Tails do you feel that?"

Tails looked at Sonic with a nearly frightening look and said, "The water just started to feel wired."

"I think the water has changed temperature," said Sonic, "And the water level is going down very fast!!  Someone must be draining the water.  And There is only one person I can think of that would do something like that, Dr. Robotnik!!"

Sonic dashed out of the water and ran off out of sight.  "Who's Dr. Robotnik?" thought Tails, "Only one way to find out!"  So Tails jetted across the water and soon started to hover after Sonic, eager to find out what was going on.

When Tails caught up with Sonic, he saw him yelling at a Trereb on a hovercraft.  Sonic yelled out, "Why don't you come down here and fight me like a man!?  You cowered!!?"

The Trereb smiled and said, "Why not indeed!  And I will get you this time!"  He was about to approach Sonic, but then Tails caught his eye.  He looked at Tails and said, "Mores?  Is that you Mores?"

Sonic started to look around, and saw he was talking to Tails.  He then started to wonder how he would know Tails, and why he was calling him Mores.

Tails soon realized that the Trereb was talking to him.  "Mores?" asked Tails, "That sounds familiar.  But I don't know who Mores is.  Wait a minute!  Who are you?"

Then the Trereb hovered over to Tails as he chuckled, "I am Dr. Robotnik Livingtor.  I have been searching for you for two years."

Tails looked at Robotnik with one ear perked up and said, "The name Livingtor sounds familiar too!  You must know of my past!!!"

"Yes I do. I know exactly where you come from," said Robotnik with a grin, "I know everything about you.  Maybe I can help you."

Then Sonic ran up to Tails and shouted, "No!!  No Tails!  Don't believe anything he says!  He is trying to trick you!!  He always lies!"  

Dr. Robotnik laughed and said, "Why would I do that!?  I just met him.  Anyway the things I mentioned, you remembered… right Mores?  Or should I call you Tails, like my adversary, Sonic?"

"Well I guess I do remember something about those names." said Tails, "I have such a strong feeling that they really mean something to me, but I don't know what!"

Then Dr. Robotnik said, "Then perhaps I should take you to a place that will jog your memory.  Come forth and I will take you there."

Tails felt some strange pull within himself, he could not grasp what it was.  He soon said, "For some reason, something inside me tells me to go with you."  

Then Dr. Robotnik grabbed Tails and took off with him in his hovercraft.  Sonic ran after them and shouted, "No!  Please Robotnik don't do anything to him!  He is just a little kid!  Take me instead you big loser!!!"  

Dr. Robotnik paid no attention to Sonic.  He just continued on at high speed and stayed well above the ground so Sonic could not jump at him.  Within a few moments, Robotnik took Tails to some kind of ruins of a manor.  The manor was a large three story building that was crumbling apart.  All sorts of plants were growing on it, and furniture was scattered around the area.

Soon Dr. Robotnik said, "This is where you were born, Mores. Inside you will find out what you were like before you became lost.  Maybe you will get your memory back."  

As Robotnik set Tails on the door step, Tails looked up at Robotnik, and was still puzzled at what was going on.  He had no idea about any memory loss until this Robotnik guy showed up.  Tails figured the only way to find out what is going on was to go in the house.  So that is what he did.  He went inside the torn down manor.

Tails started to look around.  The place was covered with such filth, and plants.  He soon found a computer under some debris.  He uncovered it and tried to turn it on.  It did not seem that it was in working order.  Tails picked it up and started to mess with it.  He opened the power cell compartment and started to jiggle a few things.  Then he tried to turn it on again.

The monitor came on with a static image. He was not able to see everything clearly, but clear enough to know what it was displaying.  He started to look into files, and it was not long till he saw a file labeled Dimonze, and another one labeled Mores.  

Tails accessed the file labeled Mores and the screen showed Tails as a baby in a tube.  As it showed the infant drifting in the tube, a few symbols started to scroll across the screen.  Tails did not recognize any of the symbols.  He soon started to look into other things in the file.  Then some data records started to open up.  Tails started to read the data.  His eyes soon became sad and wet with what he read.  

Sonic came by and looked at what Tails was looking at.  He soon knelt down to Tails and asked, "Tails!?  Are you all right?"  

Tails looked at Sonic with tears in his eyes and said, "No… I am not all right.  I just found out that I am just a genetically engineered fox, made to be some mans slave.  I am just a monster!!"  Then Tails ran into another room in a sorrowful way.

Sonic ran to Tails and asked, "What do you mean Tails!?  What makes you think you were a slave?  And why would you think you are a monster!!?"  

Tails looked at Sonic with such wet eyes and said, "I… may have over reacted.  But do you have any idea what it is like to find out that you were created for a man's needs?"  

Sonic stood up strait and said, "No!  But I do know what it is like when someone tells you that your parents are dead!  I would imagine that neither of them is news that anybody would want to hear!"

As Tails whipped his eyes, he said, "I'm sorry Sonic…  I…  I just don't know how to react to this…  This is…"  Then Tails's right ear twitched He jumped up and said, "Hey!!  I think I know that room over there!"  

Tails ran into an old playroom that was just across the hall.  Sonic went to follow Tails.  While Tails was looking around the sky blue chamber, he whispered, "I used to play with my creators daughter here….  She was so fond of me.  I…  I think her name was Molly Livingtor."  He looked back at Sonic.  "I guess I wasn't a slave after all."

Then Sonic walked in front of Tails and asked, "Well were is this Molly?"

"I am trying to remember!!" said Tails with his hands throbbing his head, "I… I… ,last time I saw her and her brother… No! Noooo!!!"  Tails just collapsed to the floor and looked down with a blank face.  

Sonic knelt down and put his hand on Tails' back and asked, "What is it Tails!!?  What happened!!?"

With a shaken voice, Tails continued, "Molly and her brother… wear… killed!  I was taken by a bunch of me like I was property!  Like I was nothing more than an ITEM!!!"  Then tears came down Tails's eyes.  "That is all I remember…  I don't know what happened after that.  I don't want to remember anything else!"

Sonic helped Tails up and said, "Let's get you out of here, Tails.  I think you had enough bad memories for today."

Tails sadly nodded his head, and they both walked out side.  When they came out side, Dr. Robotnik was still out there waiting for them.

Dr. Robotnik hovered down and said, "Now on the part that Mores does not belonging to you Sonic, Mores is mine now.  Dr. Hower is my brother so I have the right to claim Mores.  You on the other hand have no such right!!"

Sonic stood up straight against Dr. Robotnik, "Tails is not for anyone to claim!!  He is a person! He has his own free will!  I will not let you take him!!"

Then Dr. Robotnik grabbed Tails and said, "Wrong Sonic!!  He is mine!  Best for you not to interfere!  Or someone can get hurt."

Before Dr. Robotnik could get away with Tails, Sonic jumped into the hovercraft, grabbed Tails, and jumped out.  As soon as Sonic put Tails down, he picked up a rock.  Sonic threw the rock into the hovercraft's engines.

Smoke started to rise from the engines as Dr. Robotnik's hovercraft started to wobble a bet.  Robotnik Looked at Sonic with a dirty look and said, "I will get Mores when you least expect it, Sonic! Mores will be mine!"  Then he wobbled away in his hovercraft, trying to maintain control.

Within a few moments Dr. Robotnik made it to his secrete hideout That was not too far off from the lake.  He landed his hovercraft in a docking bay that was disguised as a cliff.  Once he landed he started to go deeper into his hideout and soon was in the main computer room.  

He sat down in front of a computer that had six screens on it.  He started to look threw some files and soon said, "This data on Mores will give me an advantage on getting him!  Maybe I will find a way to kill Sonic Tiyhan with this data as well."

Then a big robot came to Dr. Robotnik with a full glass of yellow liquid and said, "Sir here is your lemonade sir."

Dr. Robotnik took the glass of lemonade and drank it, "D-B 02.  You are the best robot I have ever made.  You are even better than my new model of swat bots.  This new version of swat bots is X-D.  I will unleash them when I gain power.  They are not much now, but once I get a central battle control station, they will become more valuable.  I believe Mores is the key to my success.  That is why I must have him"

D-B 02 said, "Yes sir!  Should I keep a scan on Sonic sir?"  

Then Robotnik said, "If Sonic discovers Mores's abilities it could spoil everything.  He may already think Mores is very valuable, on the count I already attempted to get him.  It might be a good idea for you to pursue Sonic.  I want you to attack Sonic, see if you can get Mores for me.  And if you can't, just come back.  I just want to tire them out a bit."  

Without any question to Robotnik's logic, D-B 02 did a salute and said, "Yes sir! I will do my best sir!"  

Then the ceiling opened at the top, and D-B 02 started his rocket boosters, and he blasted off.  Dr. Robotnik grinned as he closed the doors.  "Your time is coming Sonic.  You have caused me grief for a while, but it will soon end."

Sonic and Tails were walking along the lake.  Sonic was looking out into the water and soon looked back at Tails and asked, "So Tails, any idea why Robotnik wanted to take you?"

Tails just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head, "I don't know, Sonic.  He said something about being the brother of Dr. Hower Livingtor.  That name sounded so familiar…  Anyway what I can gather…  Robotnik thinks he has the right to claim me.  I suppose Dr. Hower is my creator.  Maybe that means Robotnik is my uncle!  You think he may just want to bring the family back together?"

"Family!? Robotnik!?  Yea right!!  Robotnik is not interested in his family, only world domination!  If he wants you, you must be important to some scheme of his!  We just have no idea what it could be."  Then Sonic started looking out into the lake.  Then he said, "Let's try to go surfing!!  We still have plenty of time to do that!!  Come on!!  Race yea to the board!!"

Sonic was up ahead of Tails and was about to grab his board.  Then D-B 02 landed right on the board and shattered it.  Sonic was sent on his back from the sudden impact.

Sonic got up rubbing his head as he said, "Not you!!  Don't you guys think you're hard enough on poor Tails!  Bad enough when you try to take him once, bet twice on the same day!!?"

Then D-B 02 said, "Mores is coming with me.  Resistance is futile."

D-B 02 pointed his blaster at Sonic and started to fire.  Sonic was too fast for D-B 02's blaster.  The robot kept on trying to shoot at Sonic with the rapid laser fire, but only stayed behind Sonic's swift movements.  

D-B 02 saw that this was getting him nowhere, so he started to use his energy rockets instead.  Sonic was able to dodge the rockets, but they explode, and the force of that is enough to send Sonic flying.  Sonic managed to get up and run before another energy rocket hit him again.  Then Sonic turned around and did a forward flip at a fast speed, which made him roll up into a spinning ball.  This was known as his signature move spin dash.  He hit D-B 02 at a fast rate and spin off of the robot, Sonic only dented D-B 02s armor.

Within a flash D-B 02 grabbed Sonic by the throat and said, "Foolish hedgehog!  I will now finally crush you!"

Tails ran to D-B 02 and did a twirl to whack D-B 02 with his tails.  The force was just enough to knock the robot down to the ground.  D-B 02s grip on Sonic was loose, so Sonic got free.  Sonic looked at Tails and thought, "Wow! His tails must be real strong to knock down D-B 02 like that."

Then D-B 02 got up.  He got Sonic in his sights and used his rocket boosters to try to ram Sonic.  Sonic dodged D-B 02, and spin dashed him when he had the chance.  D-B 02 stopped, turned around and started to use his rapid lasers to blast Sonic again.

D-B 02 could not hit Sonic, because he moved too quickly.  However Sonic could not get close to D-B 02 on the count of D-B 02's other defenses.  So it was all the mater of who would tier out first.

Tails saw that D-B 02's whole concentration was on Sonic.  Tails figured that the robot would not notice him if he got close to attack it.

Tails ran up to D-B 02.  The robot was still just shooting at Sonic, unaware that Tails was right there.  Then Tails threw-up some acid on D-B 02's leg.

Sonic saw this and responded with, "Ewe!  That's gross!  What is that stuff?"  Then D-B 02's leg burnt off, as Tails ran away to get way from D-B 02's grasp.

D-B 02 found that he could not stand without his leg.  He soon calculated, "I see that my chances are now slim.  I must report back to the base."  D-B 02 turned on his rocket boosters, and he flew away.

Sonic ran to Tails and asked, "How! Wa..., what was that stuff that you spat at his leg?"  

Tails looked as if he was puzzled.  Eventually he said, "I seemed to have remembered something.  I am capable of throwing up acid.  It's some kind of natural defense... I think… Hey!!  That means my memory is starting to come back!"

"So do you remember how you got away from… those guys that took you?" asked Sonic in a pondering way

"No...  I don't remember that.  But I do remember my day one, two years ago.  I woke up on a rock, and there was some of my blood on it.  Or at least I thought it was my blood, because I had an injury to my head that was bleeding.  That was as far as I could remember until now."  

"In a way that is a good thing.  You don't need any more bad memories.  Let's go home, I think that is the best thing we could do now."

Tails smiled, but then he frowned when he looked past Sonic.  As he ran behind Sonic he cried, "Sonic!! Your board is all shattered up."  Tails knelt down to the broken pieces of wood; he picked up some pieces and looked as if he was inspecting them.

Sonic came up to Tails and said, "That's okay Tails, I can just get a new board.  There are just some things that can't be fixed."

More to come
Okay now the more interesting part shows up. Dr. Robotnik shows up, but he is not like the ones you are know of, I would have to show a pic of him later on. And Tails learns some things about himself.

And now you saw Dimonze mintiond, have an idea what it is now?
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At last...The rational explanation we've all been waitin' for, how Tails got his twin tails in the first place :D Genetic manipulation it seems, quite plausible if you ask me.

The start was good, though Tails was kinda rough with Sonic when all he was doing was showing off his speed. I mean sure, he wasn't "swimming" but that is what anyone would do should they get a cool superpower like that right? I bet Tails was just jealous, he actually does get that chance to run fast in the SATam show "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog".

Now this is an interestin' turn o'events...The beginnin' o'a change, it starts to delve into the past more from this point onwards. I do like the sound o'this Dimonze file an' Mores file too. Ya see this is where the curiosity really kills the cat, in fact it has :P

Other than the trivial errors that are grammatical an' lil', I will say great job on this :D it was a really good read
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015
It was fun to dive into the past for Tails, for some odd reason, Tails is the only character that seems to have a past that people would want to know, and Sega never gives it to us.  They give Shadow one in is first appearance.  Never wondered if Sonic had a past story, Nore Knuckles, some odd reason Tails is the only one.

So any idea what the Dimonze is?
DoubleDoppelganger Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015
I agree, when not much is known it is fun to speculate like that. Archie Comics has an interesting tell on Tails' story.

Yes but that'll be revealed in the next comment.
prowerfoxboy Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
somethings cant be fixed? NONSENSE! XD
GXAtailsmo Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I got board. Nothen' but WOW to say on this one
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
you got board?
GXAtailsmo Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Not with the story! NEVER!
prowerfoxboy Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
of all the powers Tails couldve had.... throwing up acid? useful... but gross... :o excellent twist, though.
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012
yep, it was the most natural kind of defense I could think of, and it shows that this is a completely different world than what you are used to.
prowerfoxboy Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012
yup. however, as far as NATURAL defences go, i think you chose the best one ;)
ezioauditore97 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Student General Artist
I am really liking it so far!
dogy9978 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This story is getting more interesting by each please continue......

LONG LIVE TAILS,GLaDOS,AND...........I forgot the other one............
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
Thanks. I think I will continue it as long as people comment ^^
the1SAR Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
Hmm... So Tails is some sort of experiment, and Robotnik thinks he owns him. And what is Dimonze...? I suppose I'll have to wait and see what happens next.
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
yep, the plot thickens. did you expect Tails to be created by a scientist? Well there was a file labled Dimonze next to his name, this thing could be good, or could be bad. But knowing Sonic's luck, its probably a Dooms day project. LOL
the1SAR Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
Yeah, Dimonze probably is a doomsday project or something of the like knowing Sonic's luck. Question is... what does Dimonze look like, what is he up to, and where is he?
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
Think Dimonze is a person?
the1SAR Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
No one but you knows that... for now. Assuming the rest gets posted, of course.
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
Well so fare it looks like there are only 16 readers, according to the poll anyway.
OrionXS Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Student General Artist
Good progress, Kiyo. Hope to see Chapter 5.
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012
Thanks. Know what Dimonze is now?
OrionXS Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Student General Artist
Kinda, I didn't exactly get the details, it's harder for me to get the point of the story on literature than movies or videos of said story.
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