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Last journal I asked if there was an interest among my watchers to support animation projects.  It did not appear there was that much interest.  Interest in seeing animations yes.  But not much for support on Patreon.  However I went ahead and made one basic model to see what Tails could look like in my animations.  And here he is
 Tails Preview by Lord-Kiyo
And then I made a basic video that goes over my reasoning and basic idea.  It also shows basic animations of the Tails model.

If I had a Patreon that gave a support of around $100 a week, I be able to take off a day from work, and use that time for the animations.  Really I'm only asking because people still seem a bit disappointed that I canceled that animation.  And with many artists, people are more than happy to support their projects.  So I figured it was a possibility for my projects.

Also, here are some bloopers from my Undertale animation.
Quite some time ago when Patreon started to get popular with some other artists.  I started to ponder if that be something that would work for me.  But alas, I did not really think I had any skill, or content that anyone would ever want to fund.  I still think that the idea of me having a Patreon would be pointless.  But you never know unless you try.

Nine Tails by Lord-Kiyo This ended up with some interesting comments on the first day. Now what many of you don't know is that this is relative to a story that I had in mind for a while.  And had thoughts about how neat it would be if it was animated.  But where would I get the time to do so?  Then I remembered a project I did 5 years ago.
Yes the animation is rather crappy.  I had a basic story layd out, and I made that trailer to see how interested people would be to see the animation.  At first there was not much responses, could not get any voice actors but one. And eventually my time had filled up with other things.  So I canceled the project.  But today the thing has over a million views.  And people often asked me why its canceled.

With all this in mind now.  I wondered, "Is this something people be willing to fund?  I don't know.  That old animation is kinda crappy.  Who would fund something like that!?"   But my new stuff is much better now.  And I think people kinda like it. Take this one for example.

If a good amount of people funded me on Patreon perhaps I be able to take certain days off work so I could work on the animations.  I can make an animation that plays with Tails being a Ketsune, and or make that Tails Doll movie thing that people been waiting for 5 years.  Heck if people stayed on board long enough I could make several animated movies, and surly they get better and better as I go.

So in conclusion.  Is my animation skills worth funding to any of you? Should I check things out and get more concrete information?  Or should I just forget it, because my skills and/or content are note worth it.  Let me know in the comments.

I may see about making a Tails turn around to see how well I can make an animated rig of him.  And make a vid for Youtube to advertise the idea. I think it would be cool for me to try to advance as an artist.  But I can't do that without support form my little fan base :D
I was gone for the past 4 days.  I took a trip down to Tulsa to be with my mom for mother's day.  And of course the cats kept on sleeping on me LOL.  It was a good trip and things went well for the most part.  Did not get to see too much of my sister since she was in the hospital.  She had to get a C section to get a baby out.  It was in there for a month too long and was about 12 pounds.  Just one day more, she would have shared my birthday.  She has an overlarge heart, and is having some trouble.  So she has been sent to a special hospital in OKC.

Anyway I just came back home and logged on my computer to catch up on everything and found over 40 messages wishing me happy birthday.  And its best to acknowledge this to all of you with one journal.  So thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. :D  I am hoping to upload more art fairly soon.  One of witch is something a few of you been waiting for.

<<Commission Sheet>>
Comission Chart-Slow by Lord-Kiyo
The Wayward Astronomer is out on Amazon…

For those of you that don't know.  There is a comic book I love that is known as Dreamkeepers, created by this guy :icondreamkeepers:  The story takes place in the dreamworld, whitch is populated by dreamkeepres, who unknowingly protect the dreams of humans in the real world.  To get a better idea of what its all about, here is a link to the website…

Anyway, :iconkafelnikov: has writen a fanfiction that has standalone characters and plot.  This story was recognized by the creator of Dreamkeepers. Thus they worked together to make it possible to get a physical copy of the book.  I already got my copy, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

<<Commission sheet>>

Comission Chart-Slow by Lord-Kiyo
I am currently backed up with several commissions.  So I must switch to the Slow Status.  For those of you that are new to this, it means that prices for commissions are now doubled for a certain amount of time.  Current commissions on que or people that have already noted me for commissions will not be effected by this change.

Comission Chart-Slow by Lord-Kiyo
Hello everyone.

<<New Folder>>
   I have created a new folder called Animations.… This is so you can find all my crappy animations.  Some are Gifs, and some are just links to the YouTube animations.  So hope you all enjoy.  Also I had some thoughts about changing how the buttons look.  Let me know what you think.  I will need to make a sample to show you guys.

<<Serious Stuff>>
   Okay This is something I come across a few time.  An instance came up which a person handled it poorly.  Now every now and then I get a notice from someone that tells me someone is stealing my art.  Many cases its someone reuploading one of my Sonic related art.  To be honest I don't really care that much.  I mean its Sonic fan art, and I don't own those characters.  If anything it just shows that someone liked the artwork enough to want to upload it.  The only part about it that interests me would be the comments it gets.
  If someone reuploaded my original works and credited me of it, well its kinda like free advertisement.  However if someone reuploaded one of my original works without permission and claimed it as their own, I would be more upset about that.  Not exactly sure what I would need to do about it because I never had to do anything about it as of yet.
   Now if someone drew one of my original characters, such as my Dragons. I see it as fan art.  Even if they may not give credit, its still fan art and I am okay with that.  Be nice for them to give credit, because hardly anyone knows my original creations.  I actualy love to see these
The situation has been resolved.… contacted me and opened up, explaining everything I needed to know.  The story with the Commission is that he wanted to have a dragon character.  He used Carnival's picture of Meash`ku as a reference point.  However the Artist just made the character exactly how he appears in Carnival's drawing.  And SibeyIII did not want to bug the artist about it, so he just uploaded it and moved on.  Later he was able to mold his very own dragon character, very cool looking by the way.  It was about a year ago when I was made aware of that Meash`ku picture.  and I commented on it.  SibeyIII  has had some bad experiences with people on the internet, and rather than dragging on with headaches, he stops it immediately with a ban.  And he thought I was another jerk among the mob of jerks.  Which makes since.  Now he sees I am not such a mean person and is not mad about the picture at all.

Also if any of you are trying to give him grief due to my journal.  Please don't, and or stop.  I did not write this journal to rally troops.  I wrote it to tell everyone that I don't get mad about the art thing.  In hopes that people won't block me or think I'm mean when I comment on fan art.

<<Commission Sheet>>
Comission Chart by Lord-Kiyo
Yeah Another political thing.  This kind of thing has been going on for so long, and people just don't seem to wise up.  People are always calling other people Racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, Fatphobic, Ect.  I heard all these things being called Buzz Words, So let's call them that.  Anyway most of the time when people use these Buzz words, its completely unfounded claims and completely untrue.  I don't know if people are just retarded or are pressing an agenda.  I mean seriously if something bad happens to them, their thought process is, "Oh it must be because I'm black, or a woman, or Islamic.  It can't be for any other reason! It has to be because of white supremacy."   Seriously their are other reasons for things to happen. 

The latest things that happened that just flairs me up is the stuff going on with PewDiePie and Jon Tron.  I don't watch PewDiePie, but the accusations they give are very weak.  I have no idea why anyone would just believe that crap right on the spot.  It's infuriating that this stuff is just escalating.

I would implore anyone to be more intelligent than that, anytime people use Buzz Words, Don't believe it.  Be extremely skeptical.  Because its most likely some kind of retard or someone with some kind of agenda, or an angry psychotic episode and just wants to hurt someone.  Chances of it being all a lie are very high.  Now there are some real racists and such out there, but they are not being targeted.  And if you really think about it.  If you can just believe those weak accusations, Then you could say Hillary Clinton is a Racist, because she hates Russians.  Seriously she be just as racist as Trump is if you want to go with that logic.

Also these lies disrespects people that are real victims, and will eventually make it harder for them to get justice.  For example if your a woman, and you get raped, and you make a report.  No one will believe you.  Because too many women lied about being raped.  Used to all you have to say was the word rape, and the life of that man is over.  The idea of rape is watered down now. 

Any middle Liberals here?  I'm sure even you get frustrated with the "liberal" extremists.  Have you been accused being an Alt Right? I know that has been going on.  It's been getting crazy, and really that's the reason Trump won, because of the liberal extremists and the rioting SJW's.  This country is getting torn in two as people are clumping into groups like a hive mind.  Surly there are still intelligent middle people still left around.  What I think needs to happen is we need to banish this party system.  It separates us too much.  As much as people like to fight about it, the two partys are very much the same, both think the other is evil. And they both make week arguments in particular areas.  I'm in the middle, I know alot of you think I am an Alt right or something, but I am really in the middle.  Such as with the environment stuff I am more on the liberal side. And with self responsibility I am on the conservative side.  Both sides can be infuriating to me.  But this Buzz Word crap the liberals do is what pushes me away from them so much.

I don't expect things to change.  Humans are just an infestation of creatures that never learn.  Strange I can call humans an infestation, but at the same time never wish harm to anyone and try to be nice.  However this is mostly just me ranting.  You can share your opinions if you want, or not.  Just wished this Buzz Word stuff came to an end, and the accusations only happened if they where true with hard evidence.


Comission Chart by Lord-Kiyo
Most of us know the old saying that car dealers are sharks.  But you don't really realize how sneaky they can be till you go to one.  And even if you had bought a car several times, you still can be tricked in one way or another.  I recently went to buy a car at Hyundai.  First thing to note, just because they say they are having a sail, don't mean your getting a good deal.  Now of course they will be very friendly, greet you right at the door, offer you a soda or water, maybe even cookies.  Kindness is a good way to lower one's guard.  But in a car dealership, your guard can not be up enough.  You don't need to be a jerk, just pay attention and stay firm. 

I will admit that I made some big mistakes.  So I am writing this, so some may not make the same ones.  It probably be best to go online to check out the prices of the cars.  Ask them for a full break down of what the total cost of the car will end up being.  I did do this, but they still will attempt to add extra stuff later.  If the price is too high, take your interest somewhere else.  In some cases they really want to sell a particular car, stay firm with your price range.  There can be a chance that they will go down in price.  But beware!  They do something real sneaky to work their way around this.  You may show your concern with the price, so what they will do rather than lower the price, they will sweeten the deal with things such as, if anything ever happens with the car they will fix it right up, give you good deals on oil changes. you know, all that maintenance kind of stuff.  They say different things in different ways, but essentially its a big sweetened deal for the maintenance of the car.  What they don't tell you directly is that those are warranties and gap insurance.  They charge you for that.  I find it funny you are concerned about the price, and how do they convince you to buy it?  By making the price higher.  Trust me, as dumb as it sound, the way they talk to you it does not sound like that's what is going to happen, but it is.  Now how much could that stuff be?  Well in my experience they will tack on $12,000 extra, doubling the total price of the car.  Yeah you don't need that crap. 

As for trading a car in.  You should do research on how much your car is worth in its condition.  There are sites that give you trade in prices.  I failed to do this.  I also failed to make sure they tell me how much they are giving me for my old car.  I did not find out till weeks later till I got the papers from financing.  My old car was worth at minimum $2,000.  They gave me $200.  I could have gotten more money for selling it for scrap.  So yeah, If your trading in a car you need to find out online how much it's trade in value is.  And when you are at the car dealership, make sure you ask them how much they are giving you for it.  Because they did not tell me when I went.  And if its far less than what it should be, take it somewhere else.

Also, when you buy the car, you will have alot of paper work to sign.  Do go over it and read it.  Its walls of text but all important.  Some of it will have numbers you need to pay attention to.  They kinda hide it, but if you look you can find hints if they are charging you more than you expected.  Like I said, I had no idea bout the extra stuff till much later.  And after it is all done.  Get exact copies of everything right there and then.  Even make sure to tell them before you sign anything that you want copies.  I did not get any copies and by the time I eventually asked for them weeks later they gave me a few, I found some documents I don't remember seeing at all.  And I still don't have all the papers.  You are supposed to get a Truth N Lending Disclosure document.  I had no idea what that was, my friend asked me if I got one, he showed me what one looks like and I never saw it.

Now if you do find they still tacked on warranties or insurance later on, you can cancel them within 90 days for a 100% refund.  They will try with all their might to convince you that its not a good idea and you should keep it.  But stay firm.  They will give you a cancellation form.  Get a copy of it dated and signed.  Because they are known to put that form somewhere and not do anything with it till after 90 days, so you don't get all your money back.  If they do that, you can use your copy to make a case.

I went to the Hyundai HQ to get them to take the extra stuff off.  They did everything immediately and I did not get any sass about canceling.  But at this point I don't think I want to go back to that dealership.  I have learned my lesson, and I hope this little bit helps at least one person.

Comission Chart by Lord-Kiyo
I still been giving it thought.  And every time I really think about changing the name, I feel that I don't really want to.  Its like losing something precious forever and never being able to get it back.  Yet I still want things to be as standard as I can.  Everything under one name.  But I don't want to lose this one.  Even looking up the instructions on how to change the name, I just got real sad.

One thing I could do is use an AKA on the sites.  Have the art world be known as Lord-Kiyo, and gaming being Kedaku.  but both having the AKA to reference each other.
Hi.  I have a serious question I wanted to ask you all.  And it has been in the thoughts for a while.  When I first made this account, the name I was just going for was Kiyo.  the Lord part was not really meant to be part of it.  But Kiyo was already taken.  And some other things I am on kinda has different names that can be confusing.  Such as in gaming I am more known as Yammeku.  Both of this names are names of characters in my books.  Not really a personal character of me per say.

So I was thinking, since I have the function of changing my name on DA, and on most of my Gaming platforms.  I change it to Kedaku.  I am sure that name would not be taken on anything.

I thought about it for a long time, and was not sure if I really wanted to do it or not, since I have been known as Lord-Kiyo for so long.  I think to many the name is rather memorable.  So what you all think?  change it, or keep it?
Another year gone and now its 2014.  The year sure flew by.  I gotten alot of art in for this year, according to my folder, more than all the previous years.  Unless you count those Sonic Demons Unleashed pages, which I am not.  So we will find out how the new year fairs in the amount of art I will do.  And hopefully it will be good.  Oh wait.... its not 2014... is it?  Darn it I lost a few years again.  its 2017.  Those years just keep getting faster and faster.  Like heading for the sudden stop at a brick wall with a coffin on the other side. Speaking of coffins.  Sure does seem we lost several celebrities this year.  Even two of my family members passed away in 2016.  Also sexism and racism really got bad.  My parents said its worse than it was in the 60's.  Although the reality of why its bad is really due to the SJW's and the media.  Because I know when I was in High School sexism and racism was all but dead.  Oh well I'm sure we can make it all worse for 2017.  But yeah, seems like alot of people did not like 2016 much.  All for different reasons.

Anyway.  I prepared a little something for your viewing.  Many people are showing a month by month illustration of their works.  But I am doing something a tad different.  I am showing a year by year.  Because my art hardly evolves or gets better.  Well 2009 - 2010 shows a big difference, but the rest, don't seem to change much.  But at any rate I picked out ones that I was most pleased with.  And with some years it was a hard choice since there were several ones I really liked.

Years by by Lord-Kiyo




Comission Chart by Lord-Kiyo
I found something that I must share.  It sends probably the best message in our time.  It makes you think how our problems have started and perpetuate itself.…

Play this and you will understand.  And it apples to anything and anyone.


Comission Chart by Lord-Kiyo
Yeah, I know.  I am doing alot of political journals at the moment.  But we just got a new president.  And the reaction to it is half and half.  Some people have good reason to hate him, and some just blindly hate him.  Well I found out he has a to do list for the first 100 days.  So lets find out what kind of things he is doing that your going to hate so much.

Here is a site that has the list.  Its long, but if you care what's going to happen to our country, you would read it.…

Some of the stuff he listed in there is new safeguards against corruption.  That don't sound like a mad man of evil.  But will it work is the question.  And who investigates that?  FBI maybe?

Sounds like he wants to shut down alot of government programs.  Now that can sound bad.  It can mess some people up.  But we are a country in debt and over staffed in things we should not have. To fix that you have to stop spending.  That is a hard decision to make and people will hate you for it.  It takes a real man with balls to do something like that.  A big government takes a lot of money to fund.  And the original intent for the USA is to be a small government with limited power.

He wants to reopen our energy production that Obama shut down.  People have environmental concerns with that one.  But this is one of the things Obama did that put millions of people out of a job. Much of my family included.  the energy business is connected with all kinds of business and it caused a domino effect.  If your going to shut down jobs, You should have new ones open.  And we use up energy anyway.  We just had to import it.  My opinion goes both ways on this.  We do need to take care of the earth.  But we ether keep the jobs, or kill off all the unessential people with no jobs.  Take your pick, you can't have it both ways.

The wall thing is in there.  Was not sure if that be in there for the first 100 days, but it is.  One I don't think the wall would really be that effective for how much it would cost.  A mine field would be better.  I don't think this is something that will really happen though.  Alot of people are against it.

Well I am not going to give my opinion on everything.  There is alot of stuff, and I don't think you guys really care about my opinion.  You can have your own opinions about it.  However so far there is nothing saying that woman should make sandwiches, and gays should die, and blacks should pick cotton.  Don't see any of that like Democrats where expecting.  But that don't mean there is nothing that one could have issue against.  Let's keep honestly watching.
Last night I was awaken from a great disturbance in the force.  As if Millions of SJW's screamed in horror, and did not stop.  I knew straight away what had happened, and then went back to sleep.

Yeah, I am actually surprised that Trump actually won.  With how the media and just about everything is geared towards Hillary.  Heck their was even video games about assassinating Trump all over the place.  I did not see one of Hillary.  Granted I was not looking for any of them but the assassinate Trump was just there.  And of course there was the real life assassination attempts on Trump.  But he won despite his handicap.

Granted we did lose a chance of having the first woman president.  But that should not be the only reason or top reason to vote for her.  Maybe next time a better woman would run for president.  Would not count on it though.  Always seems that only dirt gets in that spot. Or maybe the media and people just makes them look like dirt.

Well now that Trump is in, we will see if he does anything good, or makes things worse.  In his speech he says he wants the US to be united and work together.  But both democrats and republicans love to fight each other today.  Yeah I know the media makes it look like only republicans refuse to work together, but democrats refuse just as much, if not more at times.  And as my joke on the top.  SJW's have separated us more than we ever been.  I hope that now their agenda will at the very least slow, and stop the advancement of racism and sexism.  Aw who are we kidding?  They probably push all the harder just in spite.

Well from experience with 4 presidencies in my life.  I found not really much changes no matter who is in office.  But Obama made a big change by making it mandatory to pay more to health care and not get anything out of it.  I had to get health care, its expensive, and no hospital takes my insurance.  So yeah Obama is the only one that made changes in my life and its all really bad.  So can Trump make any serious changes?  will they be just as bad?  I don't know.  We will see.

But in closing I am really surprised.  I was so sure Hillary would win.  Perhaps Murphy did this just to mess with me.
Hello.  I believe I have found the one that will be the voice actor for this animation. To all those that have shown some interest thank you for your efforts and samples.  I know I did not give a time limit or solid rules, but I was kinda playing it by ear.  And to be honest I did not think I get lucky enough to get anyone.  So I am sorry if I may seem like a prick in this regard.  I could have been more organized about it.  Anyway the winner would like to be known as Meredith White / UguuMere.
Now to those of you that was brave enough to send in samples don't be discouraged.  It takes courage and confidence to even make a recording and send it to someone.  And for that I thank you.

Hello there.  I am interested in seeing if any of my watchers are any good at voice acting.  I want to try out doing an animation based on this drawing

Mature Content

Undertale Genocide by Lord-Kiyo
  Animations have been done of him being saved by his hero, Undyne.  But what if... nobody came?  That's what I want to do.  I am hoping that I can get someone that has a young boy voice.  This does not mean you have to be a boy.  Many woman actors make some of the best boy voices.  The kinds of things you would need to make convincing would be, happiness, dying distress, and coughing.  This is to make strong emotional responses.  I have an idea what I want, but no good at explaining it.  And I am no good at voice acting.  not to mention my voice is bad.

Anyway if you want to try out the part, then send me a note.

And for the one that gets the part, I suppose I could give them a commission free of charge, if that seems fair enough. 


Comission Chart by Lord-Kiyo
I heard about the game all around and at first I was not too interested.  I heard that it was inspired by Earthbound.  So I attempted to play Earthbound on my emulator and I found I got board of it rather quickly since the fighting was all in text, you did not see any action. It was even more lazy than any other RPG in my opinion.  And to me if the combat system gets to a certain level of boring, not even the story can save the game.  A game must be fun and entertaining.  So I did not think much about Undertale due to that.  However someone recently explained to me what the combat system was like and how good the story was, and then I decided to buy it.

So what do I think about it? 

Well the graphics suck!!  If this was back in the NES, or SNES days it would have been great graphics.  But this is the days of the PS4 and Xbox one!  So the Graphics suck!  However looking at the fact that it was meant to be in the art style between NES or SNES, the graphics are rather good and serve a purpose.  In battle it was mostly in black and white, but I think that allows you to see and concentrate on what's important.  Which is awesome.  So for the style and what the game is, I think the graphics serve it well.

The music was excellent!  Everything sounded good and was memorable.  Much of the music can easily tug at your heart when it calls for it.  In some parts the music can be about 80% of the experience as it becomes very powerful at key points of the story.  I think Every score was perfectly places and was full of personality for what it represented.  When you come to the final level, the music practically sings that the end is near.

The Combat system was very unique.  It was set up like an RPG, however you do much more than just press an action button through a menu.  When you attack there is a gauge that you click at the right moment to get the most damage.  And when the enemies attacks, you yourself must dodge an onslaught of attacks.  If your good, you may never take on damage.  Thus this is an RPG that takes some skill.  Its not something you can play brain dead like most RPG's.  Not only that there are different ways you can battle.  And it alters the outcome of the ending of the game.

The story was just amazing.  And you have to play it a few times and change the way you play to get it all, since it has multiple endings.  So far I think the good ending is what tugged at me the most.  And really its a combination of the music and the story that makes the moments so powerful.  I can't give that much detail without spoiling anything.  But the ending is kind of a happy and sad kind.  Its interesting how those two types of emotions can be mixed together.  And I think it was mixed very well.

So if you have not played it and have been thinking about it, I would suggest getting it.  This game also made me think about myself.  About how I write.  I have neglected my writing for so long because I wanted the editing to catch up at some point.  But that process is slow, and their are reasons its slow, its no easy task to edit my mistakes.  But without writing, I have been torn apart and pieces of myself fades away.  I need to start writing again. This game inspired me to do so.  Even though if I may never publish and no one ever reads my stuff, I need to keep going.


Comission Chart by Lord-Kiyo
That's right I am putting the Commissions back to Open mode.  I have mostly caught up with a bunch of stuff I been needing to do, still alot of stuff to do. But I think I can have the commissions open again.  I shale place the chart down bellow.

Comission Chart by Lord-Kiyo
Hey I am writing this just in case you missed it.  But I did make an animation and the found here.

I noticed that a few people looked at the picture, but very few views is shown on Youtube.  Maybe the counters are broken, or people could not find the link.  Ether way, just doing this for you just in case.  I spent about 150 hours working on this thing.  And I doubt I will spend that much work on an animation again.


And on to other thoughts.  Not so happy thoughts though.  I have a feeling that DA is slowing down significantly for me.  Not much activity like there used to be, and it probably will nearly stop at some point as people get board of me and no longer have an interest in my work.  So I will have to get ready to move on.  Oddly enough from what I seen so far, DA is the most popular art site, so if its this slow here, then it be real slow anywhere else.  I'm just not that interesting I suppose.  Although the real strange thing is, on YouTube I have over 5,000 subscribers despite the fact I hardly upload anything and the stuff I do is just crap.  But when I do upload something, my videos don't make that much views except one video that went over a million views.  So strange.  But we will stick around and see what will happen.
Also I think I am getting caught up with a few stuff so I hope I will be setting my commission level back to lower prices soon.
Okay since I did get new watchers since the last time I advertised, and according to the poll, many of you don't know about it.  I do have a published book.  Called Munoraku
Munoraku Book Cover by Lord-Kiyo
- How do you gain goddess status?
- On planet Munoraku all it takes is looks. And unfortunately for a young Ploxean girl, she looked the part.
  It was supposed to be the start of the rest of her life. Larakea was going into the family business and learning the ropes of working on a cargo starship. It was her bad luck that it was supposed to be on planet Munoraku's orbital Trade station.
  Now kidnapped because of her looks to serve as a pawn in a dangerous game for religious control of an entire planet, Larakea is trying to find a way back home. Without the help from her home government and with the religious order of Xuzaiuas on her trail, Larakea meets some new people on her way to the Temple of Gateways - her only way out. But stuck in a world that to her doesn't make any sense, is she the right person to differentiate friend from foe?

Amazon hard copy
On Kindle

Currently on slow mode.
Comission Chart-Slow by Lord-Kiyo
Stabby Stab Stab Cover by Lord-Kiyo
For those of you that ran to Walmart to get this game and find that they where all sold out, sorry about that.  It's hard to keep it in stock.

Actually, as many of you actually figured out, its not real.  I made this image and then Photoshop it onto a photo I made for the purpose of this ruse.  I used a blank DVD box. and Photoshop the image onto it.  So I did not even print this thing out.  I wanted to find out how convincing it was.  But at the same time I did not want keep this ruse up for too long.

So how many of you thought it was real, or fake.  and would it even be a game you would have been interested in?

If this were to be a game.  The character is aspiring to be good at parkour.  However alot of his "buddies" tell him often his moves are lame, as they are better than him.  So he practices, which is part of the tutorial for movement.  However he falls in the wrong place and goes straight down to the under city.  A place where all the criminals and very bad people live.  The environment is very different down their.  Much of the people here would try to kill you.  you can fight back, however you can quickly be overwhelm or overpowered.  sneaking and getting away with the help of your parkour skills can keep you alive.  There would be this other character you would encounter often that can lead to instant death.  But you never see his face.  Only his hand and the knife.  But in a since the knife itself is the character, the body is merely an attachment to it.  Each death would be rather centimatic, showing how grave your errors were.
Your objective is not save the world or girlfriend, but merely to survive and fine your way home.  Along the way you may find people that need help.  But some are traps and you have to figure out which is witch.  That's if you want to save anyone, you don't have to.  You can leave them, watch them die, or save them.  Just like you don't have to kill one person to win the game, or you could find a way to kill everyone if you wanted.

Sound like a game you be interested in?

This is a concept that I have asked myself many times.  And I am sure that others kind of wonder the same thing.  Unless the concept is correct, then none of you really wonder anything LOL.  But it’s a concept of “what if I am the only real person in this world and everything else is just a simulation, or not real.”  I wondered that when I was six years old.  And many times the thing that makes me wonder that is when I am driving.  When I drive out of my apartments there is a long stretch of road till I get to the main road.  I look ahead and there are no cars out there.  The whole time as I drive up to it, no one there, and then as soon as I get to the intersection, all of a sudden there are cars zooming left and right.   Now how does this happen every time I drive up there?  Anyone else experience that?


But it’s not only an idea as if I was born into being the only person in some kind of simulation.  Perhaps I was in a real world with real people.  Then maybe I died, and my existence was put into some kind of place to carry out an illusion that I’m still alive.  Kind of like what could have happened if I didn’t die.  But for that to be true I would have had to have an instance in my life that would cause death.  And I actually have two that I can think of right off the bat.


When I was somewhere between five and ten, I came close to drowning.  I was swimming out in the creek, like everyone else does.  But the current picked me out and swooshed me out to the deep end under the bridge area.  I was not a good swimmer; it was spinning me in all kinds of directions.  And I remember very clearly how it felt and what I thought.  “This was it.  It’s the end.”  My step dad saved me.  Or so I thought.  Maybe I did drown and my entity was put into a place like I survived.  How would I know?


Another case was when I was in high school, about 17.  For a long time I did not think much about it, but I later found that some experiences of death is similar to it.  I was in ROTC class.  And my eyesight started getting darker and darker till I saw nothing.  It’s not like closing your eyes, hard to describe it but I just went blind, and then I felt fuzzy and dizzy like there was static everywhere.  The fabrics of space and time seemed to bend all round me.  Like some kind of extreme dream world. Then I woke up, able to see again and everyone was around me all concerned.  And then nothing was explained, other than I passed out.  But now that I think about it.  That could very well been a death for all I know.  And if it was, that’s about the nicest death I can think of.  Way better than drowning I can tell you for sure.


But is it silly for me to think like this?  Yeah sure. But can you really prove that it’s not true?  Well not really. It has been proven many times that the mind makes things as real as it wants it.  Placebo being an easy example.  So it could be a possibility, the energy goes somewhere and we still have no clue how the mind works or even what controls it.  I just wanted to randomly bring it up because my thoughts have been swirling about it.